Exhibitor Manual And FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with our booth?

All linear booth spaces include 8' drape along the back of your booth and 3' drape along the side of your booth and a Booth ID Sign.

Does our booth space include carpet or furniture?

No. Unless you have space in the Supplier Section or Emerging Franchisor Pavilion, your booth space does not include carpet or furniture. All linear booth spaces include 8' Back Drape, 3' Side Drape and Booth ID Sign.

Are exhibitors required to have carpet in their booth space?

Yes, carpet or other approved flooring is required. *Exhibitors may order carpet through Freeman Services or they can bring their own carpet or flooring as long as it covers the entire floor space of their booth. If an exhibitor requires labor to lay their own carpet or floor covering, they should contact Freeman Services for an estimate.

*Exhibitors in the Supplier Section and Emerging Franchisor Pavilion receive carpet as part of their exhibit space agreement.

Is electric included in our booth?

No, electrical service is provided through the official electric contractor. An electric order form is included in the Setup Manual.

Are discounts available for show services (carpet, furniture, electric, etc.)

Most of the vendors provide a substantial discounted rate on their services provided you submit your order forms to them by a specific date. The deadline dates listed on all order forms refers to the date the discounted rates expire. All services are available after the deadline dates and on site but at a higher cost.

Are there height restrictions for our booth display?

  • Linear booth spaces: The back section cannot exceed eight (8) feet and any sidewall in the front half of the booth may not be higher than four (4) feet
  • Island booth spaces: Island booths (those with aisles on all sides) have a maximum exhibit height of 30 feet. However, exhibits, booths, signs, partitions and display properties exceeding 12 feet in height, or platforms more than 30" above the floor require a building permit.

Is there a cost for Exhibitor Badges and is there a limit to the number of badges I can order?

No, there is no cost for exhibitor badges and there is no limit. However, no more than three representatives of the exhibitor may work per 100 sq. ft. of rented space at any one time.

Do I need to use a specific shipping company?

Exhibitors are welcome to use any carrier they choose. However, Quad Express is the preferred shipper for the show.

Can I set up my own booth or do I have to hire labor?

Exhibitors can install and/or dismantle their own display providing the total time for installation does not take any more than thirty (30) minutes for one person to complete without the use of tools.

Can I bring in my own material?

One person, in one trip, may hand carry items onto show floor. Exhibitors may move a "pop-up" display, equal or less than 10' in length, if capable of being carried by hand, or a 2 wheel baggage cart, by one full-time employee of the exhibiting company.

Is there security on the show floor?

Show security guards will be on duty 24 hours a day from move in to move out. However, show security should not be relied upon to provide more than a presence to inhibit theft. Show Management, its agents, vendors and the convention center do not offer nor accept responsibility for exhibitors' property. As an additional safeguard, exhibitors may hire security service to provide exclusive security for their booth. Check with your insurance provider for information on an inexpensive Show Exhibiting Insurance Rider.

Which items in the Exhibitor Manual apply to all exhibitors?

Badges (Exhibitor Badges for Booth Personnel)
Booth Design
Booth Identification Sign
Booth Set Up Procedures & Regulations
Conference Program/Registration
Decorator Services / General Contractor
Dismantling Procedures
Due Dates
Event Guide
Exhibitor Breakfast
Exhibitor Lounge

Fire Regulations
First Aid
Guest Passes
Material Handling / Drayage
Press Office
Promotional Opportunities
Rules & Regulations For Exhibiting Booth Personnel
Set-Up Procedures
Show Colors
Show Office

What are some other items that apply to most exhibitors?

Air Travel / Car Rental

Lead Retrieval
Labor / Exhibitor Appointed Contractors

When will the Exhibitor Manual be available and will it also be mailed?

No. A hard copy of the Exhibitor Manual will not be mailed. The Exhibitor Manual will be available approximately three months prior to the show.

If you have additional questions, please contact Martin Joksimovic at Martin.Joksimovic@comexposium.com
or 201-881-1658.

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