Eric Stites

President - Franchise Business Review

Eric Stites is the CEO & Managing Director of Franchise Business Review, a national market research and consulting company specializing in franchisee satisfaction and franchise relations issues. Franchise Business Review’s mission is to two-fold. To help franchise brands that wish to better serve their franchisees and strengthen their systems. To help bring transparency to the franchise industry by providing a forum for franchisees to rate their own brands and sharing this information publicly for the benefit of prospective franchise investors.

Stites designed and created the Franchisee Satisfaction Index (FSI), which has quickly become an industry standard for measuring and benchmarking franchisee satisfaction. His firm’s services include commissioned franchisee satisfaction research, consulting projects, and industry-wide studies of franchisee and customer satisfaction. For individuals considering investing in a franchise, Franchise Business Review offers in-depth information regarding doing so within its blogs and free industry reports, which are available at FranchiseBusinessReview.com.