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Secure your space today and get face-to-face with qualified prospects. Exhibiting at Franchise Expo South provides your company with a unique opportunity to get face-to-face with the largest gathering of potential franchisees in the South!

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Why Exhibit at Franchise Expo South?

Franchise Expo South delivers thousands of prospects to exhibitors. Through our cross-channel marketing campaigns, partnerships and advertisements, Franchise Expo South delves deep to drive the most qualified prospects to meet face-to-face with exhibitors.

  • Exposure: Engage with visitors pre-show, onsite and post-show through our marketing vehicles, including exhibiting, digital and print marketing, enhanced sponsorships, and pre-setting of appointments.
  • Generate New Leads: Thousands of qualified candidates travel to attend the Franchise Expo South in search of the opportunity to be new franchisees, master franchisees, area developers, multi-unit owners, and more. Engage face-to-face and digitally with these prospects and increase your footprint and revenues
  • Connect with Existing Candidates: Exhibiting offers your franchise the opportunity to meet, entertain and bond with existing and prospective candidates. Utilize our complimentary guest program to engage with current and future prospects throughout your sales funnel.
  • New Product Launches: Company launches, new product launches, press releases and new initiatives all get more exposure and reach through the Franchise Expo South's highly targeted network of global attendees, partners, speakers, sponsors and associations.
  • Press Coverage and Investor Visibility: Media and press in attendance have included The Miami Beach Morning News, Entrepreneur Media, Franchising World, Wall Street Journal, Franchise Times, Global Franchise Magazine, Franchising USA, Fox News, NBC and more local and national media outlets. Utilize the show to expand your brand message through these and other media outlets.

What Exhibitors Have to Say About Franchise Expo South:

“Franchise Expo South was AMAZING! We were thrilled with the attendance at the show and were most impressed with the quality of the people that came.”

Dave Claflin
Fastest Labs "The Drug Testing Franchise”

“FES has been very successful for us over the last couple of years. If you are considering exhibiting I would say come on down! Each year that we've come here we've come we've come away with tremendous number of leads and several deals.“

Jeff King
Director of Franchise Development
Grease Monkey

“This is the best place to find people that are seriously looking for a new business. It's sort of like a one stop shopping mall...It's really, as far as I'm concerned, one of our most valuable tools for finding franchisees. ”

Marla Topliff

“I've been in franchising for 25 years and I've never missed one of MFV's shows. It's just the best thing for someone to do. Every show has been fantastic for us. The people who work for MFV.... They're franchising pros! They understand who you're looking for.”

Jim Belanger
President & founder
Sudore Fitness

“We opened 6 new franchises from Franchise Expo South alone that were new franchisees to the system.”

Brady Lee
National Sales manager

“CruiseOne consistently exhibits at MFV expos because we know that we will obtain qualified franchisees for our franchise system. Not only do we receive a large number of leads from each show, but we always sell at least one franchise unit from each of the shows.”

Alicia Linden
Marketing Recruitment Coordinator
CruiseOne® & Cruises Inc. ®


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