Branding and Traffic Building Programs


Things are heating up for Franchise Expo South in Miami Beach.
Will you be there to capitalize on it?

Why Should You Sponsor and Exhibit at Franchise Expo South?

Because it's where Business Gets Done!

"United Franchise Group was able to add over 20 franchise owners based solely on our participation in Franchise Expo South 2015" - Ray Titus, CEO, United Franchise Group

Do you want to elevate your brand and stand out from the crowd? Take advantage of the opportunity to create Branding and Traffic Building Programs to attendees at Franchise Expo South

Ideas may include:

  • Foot Print Promotion - A series of Foot-Prints with your logo and booth number will be affixed to the show floor and will lead from the show entrance directly to your exhibit booth.
  • Official Show Bag Inserts - Every Franchise Expo South visitor receives an Official Show Bag upon entering the exhibit hall. Include your flyer, brochure or promotional item to grab the attention of every attendee.
  • On-site banners and other unique signage opportunities - Elevate your brand by hanging signage, or sponsoring other unique signage at Franchise Expo South

There are a variety of additional programs to consider that might be right for your brand.

We are excited about getting to know your business and working with you. Contact Katharine Rosalen at 201-881-1666 or via email at, and schedule a call to determine the right product or products to increase your leads and lower your cost per sale!

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