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If you're looking for a no-nonsense, cut-to-the-quick, show me how to evaluate franchises so that I can buy one that's right for me . . . this is the workshop you need. And it's the only one you'll need! If you hope to become a successful franchisee, get started with confidence by participating in this workshop.

You will learn the basic information about franchising but glean an in-depth knowledge through the experiences of the presenter. He will help you understand how to interpret and use the Franchise Disclosure Document to discover reliable information about the performance and viability of any franchise, how to evaluate the franchisor's operating system and determine if you and your intended market are compatible with the system, the pros and cons of franchising, the fees required by franchisors, the facts about territorial and product restrictions, how to raise money to invest in a franchise, and much, much more.

All workshop attendees receive admission to the exhibits on all three days.


Saturday , January 14, 2017
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


Advance: $120 includes exhibit hall admission and seminars
On-Site: $170 includes exhibit hall admission and seminars

Who Should Attend

Anyone who's thinking about buying a franchise will find this workshop to be invaluable. Where else will you have the opportunity to spend 3 hours with a seasoned professional who provides honest, accurate, timely information about franchising? Don't worry, this workshop isn't intended to sell you a franchise. It's intended to educate you about the pros and cons of buying a franchise and help you understand why buying a franchise may be right for you. The subject matter is intended for people who want to buy a franchise in the United States, although the seminar also attracts many international candidates as well as prospective franchisors. Attend only if you want to be better educated about buying a franchise!

Here's What You Receive

In addition to the comprehensive information covered in the workshop, you will receive a binder of all the information presented. You will utilize a self-evaluation tool to test your compatibility with franchising. The profile, valued at $125, will help you determine the type of franchise that makes sense for you to buy. Also, you will receive a handy guide that walks you through the process of evaluating and buying a franchise. You also get an exclusive list of 99 Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Franchise!

This Workshop Will Look At

  1. Introduction To Franchising
  2. • What is franchising?
    • Pros & Cons of franchising
    • Franchising vs. Independent Start Ups
    • Is franchising for you? Self-Evaluation
    • More than 70 different industries in franchising
    • Selecting a franchise that's right for you personally & financially
    • How to research franchise opportunities
    • Franchise financing - where to borrow money

  3. How To Investigate The "Ideal" Franchise System
  4. • What to expect from a franchisor
    • What a franchisor expects from franchisees
    • Evaluating the franchisor's operating system
    • Understanding the fees involved in franchising
    • Key questions to ask both franchisor and franchisees
    • Sources of information that can help you evaluate opportunities
    • Seeking out the right legal and accounting advice

  5. Understanding the FDD and Franchise Agreement
  6. • What is the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
    • How to read the items in the FDD
    • How to use the FDD to your advantage
    • Major topics covered by the FDD
    • Evaluating the franchisor's performance using the FDD
    • Exploring options for negotiating the FDD with a franchisor
    • Understanding the Franchise Agreement

Presented by: Stan Friedman, President, FRM Solutions and Rebecca Monet, President & Chief Scientist, Zoracle Profiles

Stan Friedman is a 24-year franchising veteran. Always an “outside the box” thinker, in 1998 while directing Global Franchise Development for Blimpie International, he created an Urban Expansion initiative that was heralded by the media as well as leaders of both the public and private sectors. This culminated in an invitation to the White House where he participated in the President’s “Conference for Community Empowerment.” A dozen years later, in recognition of his ongoing work in diversity, Friedman very proudly accepted the IFA’s Ronald E. Harrison Diversity Award – an honor bestowed fewer than 10 times in the IFA’s 50+ year history.

His current work in diversity is centered upon educating twilight year professional athletes about potential opportunities in franchising. This work is part of an officially sanctioned IFA initiative known as (PAFI) The Professional Athlete Franchise Initiative. Friedman co-founded this program with retired 7-year NFL player Michael Stone and still serves as Chairman of the PAFI Advisory Board of Franchise Professionals, since inception of PAFI in 2010.


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