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Secure your space today and get Face-to-Face with Qualified Prospects. Exhibiting at Franchise Expo South provides your company with a unique opportunity to get face-to-face with the largest gathering of potential franchisees and franchisors in the South and Latin America!

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Why Exhibit at Franchise Expo South?

Franchise Expo South delivers thousands of prospects to exhibitors. Through our cross-channel marketing campaigns, partnerships and advertisements, Franchise Expo South delves deep to drive the most qualified prospects to meet face-to-face with exhibitors.

In today's economy, you need every resource available to generate leads and build your business. Nothing is like the face to face opportunities at Franchise Expo South. The United Franchise Group exhibits at the Franchise Expo Events year in and year out. It's been good for us; we sell a lot of franchises.
- Tony Foley, International Director, United Franchise Group

What Exhibitors Have to Say About Exhibiting at Franchise Expo South:

“… We have exhibited in many, many franchise shows and Franchise Expo South was AMAZING! We were thrilled with the attendance at the show and were most impressed with the ‘Quality’ of the people that came to the show … Many times when we attend a franchise show, the advertising consists of some low cost billboard advertisements in not so desirable areas of town and very little promotion to get attendees to the show. I was shocked to see multiple ads running on the local news channels on the major network stations. Thank you for a great show!”

Dave Claflin
Fastest Labs "The Drug Testing Franchise”

“… We feel very certain that we will acquire franchisees as a result of the show.  In fact two potentials from your show are coming to parts of our convention to meet all the franchisees ...”

Linda Kamm
Happy and Healthy Products, Inc.

“… FES in Houston this February was one of the busiest shows I have attended in my 25-year career in franchising …“

Brian K. Wieters
Vice President of Franchise Recruitment
Pillar To Post Inc.

“… We think that the FES has been very successful for us over the last couple of years. FES has been very productive for us. If you are considering exhibiting at FES I would say come on down! It's been a great opportunity for us. Each year that we've come here we've come we've come away with tremendous number of leads and several deals. …“

Jeff King
Director of Franchise Development
Grease Monkey

“… We love Franchise Expo. This is the best place to find people that are seriously looking for a new business. It's sort of like a one stop shopping mall. If somebody has the desire to get into business how do they know what they want? They can come here, they can meet us, they can meet all of these people here really, and be able to make an informed decision. We're there to guide them through the process. It's really, as far as I'm concerned, one of our most valuable tools for finding franchisees. …”

Marla Topliff

“… We have 4 Ritter's stores here in the Houston market. 20 months ago we had 1. So in the last 2 shows that we did, we managed to find the right folks that meet our criteria. We find great quality people who are ready to become franchisees. I think most importantly, rather than having a voice on the end of the phone. We have a face, we have a person in front of us, and so the process of getting to know who our franchisee is begins at the very first moment. …”

Gary Occhiogrosso

“… I've been in franchising for 25 years and I've never missed one of MFV's shows, and I will continue. It's just the best thing for someone to do. For us, we're in, we're gonna stay in and we're gonna keep going and just enjoy the success. Every show has been fantastic for us. The people who work for MFV.... They're franchising pros! They understand who you're looking for. …”

Jim Belanger
President & founder
Sudore Fitness

“… We actually opened 6 new franchises from this show alone that were new franchisees to the system. …”

Brady Lee
National Sales manager

“… CruiseOne consistently exhibits at the MFV expos because we know that we will obtain qualified franchisees for our home-based travel franchise system.  Not only do we receive a large number of leads from each of the shows, but we always sell at least one franchise unit for each of the shows … CruiseOne has nothing but great things to say about the MFV staff who are always professional and attentive. …”

Alicia Linden
Marketing Recruitment Coordinator
CruiseOne® & Cruises Inc. ®

Who will you meet at Franchise Expo South?

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